Moments in Art

Moments in Art - student project

We started this business about 3 years ago to serve the Fine Artists in the area by supplying them with "Giclee" prints of their original art for them to sell at art shows.

I designed this logo (It is in color, but don't have the file at home at the moment. I'll upload it later) to show what we did. (I used the picture frame to represent fine art, the calligraphy was used to impart a sense of artwork, the curved paper at the bottom to symbolize the print coming out of the printer.)

Although we still service artists in the surrounding area, and they are still a big part of the business, we offer other products as well.

We offer scanning & digital image re-construction/restoration and adjusting, advertisment, page and logo design, digital painting, and printing on fine art papers and canvas.

I would like to re design our logo to better fit with all our services, to provide more impact at a glance, and freshen the look.

I would welcome any and all feedback!

Here are some logos I've picked for the use of color, my feeling is that since I'm basically working with all colors (I spend a LOT of effort color correcting art prints to match the original art) that maybe I should stay with primary colors, or at least vibrant colors.

Moments in Art - image 1 - student project

Next are logos I've picked for concept. 

Moments in Art - image 2 - student project

Next are examples of composition that I really like. I pride myself on being very good with the programs I work with, and these examples I feel are fine examples.

(The first logo is my own personal logo I did years ago, when i was hiring myself out for calligraphy)

Moments in Art - image 3 - student project

And last, examples of typography that I picked. I have been in love with letters, lettering, fonts and anything related ever since I can remember! (I remember being in 6th grade and having classmates asking me to letter their names for them)

For my project I'm just not sure what type of typography or lettering I need now. It almost seems that my business has two separate parts, one being the side where I create prints for artists, and the other side wher I do a lot of image reconstruction and graphic design.

Can I even create a logo that portays both?

I have always been impressed with how different type faces or treatments like calligraphy can have a huge imapct on a logo or even page design!

Moments in Art - image 4 - student project

Genevieve, I apologize for being late (and under the 25 sketch requirement) getting my sketches posted. I'm struggling with concepts that will successfully represent all sides of my business.

I've been trying to think of what would tie everything together, and I come up with color, pixels, attention to detail and expertise.

So far I only have a few concepts:

Moments in Art - image 5 - student project

I will be working on more, and trying to catch up with class.


Here are a few more I came up with today...

Moments in Art - image 6 - student project

Here are what I've come up with for my final 3 designs.

I've added color ( I used Cyan, Magenta), and cleaned up my illustrator art for the camera shutter.

I added a white grid behind the lens (in 2 of them) to suggest pixels, and the color bars are what I've evolved to from thinking about a prism and the colored light that would be present.

Pixels and color are what i deal with everyday and this seemed like the natural direction for me to take.

The last design doesn't have the camera shutter, it was just more of a play graphically with the "M" & "A". I added the color bars and could probably work the camera shutter art in there pretty easily.

As far as the camera shutter art, I could see just that art becoming a symbol for the business! To me it represents cameras, of course but also more.  I like the feeling of scrutiny or inspection it imparts, and the pixels in frame seem to me to fit well ( although I don't thing the average consumer will think of pixels when seeing it). 

Moments in Art - image 7 - student project