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Moments With Saleen

I took a portrait shot of my niece, Saleen, a few weeks ago. She is eight months old. Her hobbies include rolling on the floor, while attempting to crawl, clapping her hands, giving me low fives, sticking anything and everything she can get her hands on, in her mouth, and singing along to Fiona Apple with me when I babysit her. This is the very simple process I went through to transition one photo into three. I only used VSCO Cam, Face Tune, and Enlgiht, which are pretty much my go to apps for mobile editing. Here it is: 


Here in Face Tune, I did some very simple edits. I started off by softening her skin by smoothening it out. I then got rid of her white eye and filled it in with a soft brown, I really wanted her eyes to stand out. If you look closely, the last thing I did to her eyes was detail and darken her lashes. 


The last thing I did in Face Tune was selective focus. If you look at the first picture, the rock with the watering can was already out of focus, so I decided to defocus it just a little more. Then I moved the photo over to Englight. Here I did some very minor things as well. I started off by straightening out the photo and then cropping it.


The last few things I did in Enlight was sharpen it up a bit, I adjusted the brightness, exposure, highlights, shadows, etc. For whatever reason, I like adjusting the colors before applying the presets on VSCO Cam, which leads me to the next step, the presets. 


I am actually a very big fan of black and white portraiture, especially with children. Lately I add grain to my black and white photos that I edit on VSCO, but I decided not to add it in this picture because it made it a little less detailed. Since I defocued the background in Facetune, adding grain would take away that effect more than I would have liked. 


I rarely use LV3, however, it gave this picture a lot of warmth. Using warmer presets is not something I usually do, but since her face looked a little pale, I went for it. Andy I am really happy with how this picture came out!


This last picture I fell in love with instantly because it looks moody ans washed out, but still pretty friendly. And let's be honest, I love moody pictures. But this one is kind of dreamy too, I like it very much.


Here are the finished photograghs: Original and unedited, 02 / LEGACY, LV3 / LEVIS, HB2 / HYPEBEAST.

So I only applied presets and some fade. I was happy with the colors so I really didn't feel the need to adjust them in VSCO Cam. This was the entire process for me, which only took me about ten minutes. I also said I only used VSCO Cam, Face Tune, and Enlight, but I also used Photo Grid to stitch the images together. I am not really a guy thats into photo collages or anything like that, but I do use this app for rare occasions like this, it is a very handy app to have around. 

I hope you guys enjoy these photos and the process! Until next time,



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