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Gabe DeJesus

Founder of MomentNYC Clothing Co.



Moment Brand Apparel Co.

My name is Gabe DeJesus and I am the creator of Moment Brand Apparel Co. based in Brooklyn, NY.  

Brand Name: Moment



MOMENT is an exclusive clothing brand, aimed at capturing the essence of personal expression by way of distinctive graphics, quality design, and most importantly an emphasis on the nature of creativity and the need for originality. 


The idea is that every moment in life is an opportunity to express an individual’s unique personality which is shaped by external and personal experiences.

Our mission is to capture the essence of originality not only though clothing via other mediums [music, art, video, print, etc.] as well, creating a lifestyle dedicated to empowerment through self-expression. Not about status, it's about passion.  It's the story, the journey, the grind. It's about you, me and everyone else in this world who are willing to follow their heart in pursuit of not only their passion/dream but of themselves as well.

Below is our wordmark [revised from what i had previously]. Currently working on finishing samples of designs and promo video that will be ready for launch Summer '14.  Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated. 


Here is a mock up of the tees I am currently printing up. All tees are screenprinted by me (at this point). I'll have live model photos soon as well as a few more designs! Any feedback is welcomed!  Thanks


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