Molotov: Counter Strike gaming illustrations

I used to be a competitive counter strike gamer and I'd love to do an illustrated series of counter strike weapons, maps, etc... and some of the tips and tricks in this class really inspired me to get off my butt and attempt this. So I started from a sketch

Here was a sketch, I wanted to do something in an angular style.

Then translated to illustrator I kept that style but was able to delete lines and edges as I pleased after I used pathfinder divide. 

I'm still not done playing with the type or the style of dots, or maybe i'll change to lines like my sketch but I like the outlines and the progress thus far. 

Here is some detail:


Always open for improvements and suggestions also this wont be the only image, next is de_inferno map with a bell in the same visual style. Let me know what you think!

Update 1: 

After multiple suggestions I completely agree but I rotated the bottle to give it more dynamic 

Here's a sketch and concept for the second illustrated piece:


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