Molly's Odd Bodies

Molly's Odd Bodies - student project

I loved this class! It really opened my eyes to a different approach to drawing figures and challenged me (in a fun way) to mix up my style.

I completed this class while wildfires are burning in Oregon, where I live. The air is so smoky, we can't go outside. It helped keep my hands and mind busy during such a tough time. Thank you, Tom, for a wonderful and well-designed class that brought me joy when I needed it.

Since, I'm stuck inside, I did illustrations of three of my sketches. The first is a collection of 20's ladies dancing. The second is an expression of how I feel during these wildfires (the person-in-a-shape exercise). And the third is Jane Fonda doing night aerobics in the moonlight. Hope you all enjoy.

Molly's Odd Bodies - image 1 - student projectMolly's Odd Bodies - image 2 - student projectMolly's Odd Bodies - image 3 - student project

Molly Clasen
Illustrator | Storyteller