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I pretty much copied word for word the text from "Pastures of Heaven" (Chapter 8). I used No Country for Old Men as the model for adapting a book. I read that one of the Coen brothers read the book aloud while the other brother sat at the computer and took down what he said. Reading to myself, the first direct translation turned out to be 19 screen pages.  So I pared it down from there, cutting the Bill and Vasquez cabin storylines. After watching the class sessions, it was clear that anything not having to do with Molly and her father had to be cut to fit the length of a short film. From there it was pretty simple, taking it from 12-14 pages to 10 by truncating the longer dialogue sequences or getting rid of them altogether.

I just respected the material and changed very little. Found small ways to tell the story faster, like by combining two seperate lines of dialogue from the same character into one. Once the main storyline was clear, it gave me something to focus on and the editing process went by quickly.

Thanks for reading

Log line: Molly moves to the Pastures of Heaven to become a teacher but her past might force her to leave.

Final Draft:

Title changed from "New Teacher in Town" to "Molly".


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