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Mollusect Character

So glad to have the opportunity to be taught by a talented artist such as Charlie! Likewise, I am very pleased to meet you all.

What I aim to go for with this project is to create a mollusk/insect-like character. For now I am trying to get the form down but generally I want a thinner character with a broad shoulder area. Everything else is up in the air!

Suggestions and comments are much appreciated! I numbered them for a little more ease of reference.

I decided to do another round of  sketches to really play around with some more extreme possibilities as someone suggested. Slightly more comical and fun! In the refining process I intend to use one with a more humanoid appearance (maybe?).

It's great to read some feedback on what you all prefer. Now that the actions are defined a little bit any more advice would be much appreciated before more refinement starts!

Got the three designs I find most interesting to work with! 

1. With this one It can either look to be florescent in some way (with the tendrils) or made to be a little more mobile looking. 

2. My favorite of the humanoid figures. This character would have the exoskeleton of the most colorful beetles I've seen.

3. He seems like a bit of a smart mouth to me...probably why I'm drawn to him. 

I decided to go with both number 1 and 2!  I really want to give them both a shot and see what happens. We are near the final run on the first one (second figure will come later) and I could really use your help to decide which one to go with!

This is going to be a giant creature. It has no real enemies naturally and lives for a very long period of time. Because it's has no creatures to fear of and it's size/eating habits it tends to move very slowly.

1. This one has layers that continuously build onto its body. It's got a shiny exoskeleton and long glowing tendrils that can even reach the ground.

2. This creature can look to be made of wood or mineral, having a more worn and aged look about it. Extra legs for a little more mobility.

3. Heavily inspired by a nautilus. it's tentrils can retract into these shells.

A mixture of different aspects of each is completely acceptable too!!

The much smaller humanoid figure will be a part of a people who tend to worship the giant beings. With this in mind they could wear outfits they believe represent the enormous creature or they could simply shine without clothing. 

They could be be more sleek and shell-like with smooth forms leading into a center point or be sharp looking with tough skin plates constantly growing from the inside, thus making a layered appearance. As with the picture above this one, I am still deliberating and the forms can be mixed. If you like the clothes on one but the body of another changes could be made.

Finished with the bipedal Mollusect! Came out with the bright colors of my inspirational materials such as the oil-like shell of certain beetles and a hint of opal coloring on it's brighter parts. 

Onto the next character! 


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