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Molding Clay

I have an intense desire to actually get things done, like most other human beings in the world. Although I'm in a position right now in my life most would consider a sort of gap year, I still have nagging feelings everyday with what I originally intended my time in a foreign country to be. As much as I wanted to engage the culture here, I also wanted to organize and transform myself into a quasi-professional so that upon my return to the States, I'd be able to strike out at opportunities and make the moves I want to make. 

I'm first and foremost a writer, although with the amount of interests I think about on any given day, one would be hard-pressed to pinpoint writing as my main interest. I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of it and want to continue becoming better in addition to making it my life, so a lot of my failed short term ambitions usually revolve around that. In addition to that, this point in my life is defined by much change, change that needs to be managed so I can make the better decisions overall. 

What sums up my productivity woes have to do with my deflating excitement to do things. I'll always start new projects and stop prematurely, and if I am focusing on a project I do not put enough time into it before I'm making a tea, watching a Youtube video or checking Instagram for 100th time. I don't want to to continue being this person and want to grab the reins, so here I am! :) 

I think my diagnostic results and the ridiculous number of tabs I keep open as a way to make myself feel better about organization is a testament to the issues I'm having. Let's clean me up! 

***Update I***

SO! Today has been fully devoted to finding and logging all of my open loops, which took a surprisingly long time. I'm pretty much almost done, but some still pop up in my mind and make it on to my inbox. All in all, I feel pretty good by this point but I know there's so much more to get done! I'd ideally like to get most of the class done by tonight to try and incorporate the system into my routine starting tomorrow considering I've been on vacation for 3 weeks. What better motivation than 3 weeks of vacation guilt? On to Phase 2! 

***Update II***

Finally done with Phase 2 and I must say I'm pleasantly surprised at just how jumbled up I truly was! It's definitely a big relief to have everything out in front of my face and able to considered one by one using the tools that Things 2 gives you. 

The system is pretty straightforward and I can definitely understand the conceptual side of GTD and how that feeds into the pragmatic, go-out-and-do things kind of side. What's funny was that prior to this, I had really basic system in my head similar to this one but on a much smaller scale that allowed me to focus on the very short term but nothing more -- that was the main issue. With this system I feel much more relieved about every single thing I need to do. 

These are my lists -- is everything more or less along the lines of the category guidelines? I feel like most are but with some I'm not too confident. What do you think Tiago?

***Update III***

Trimming the fat. That's the phrase I'd use to describe the last few hours I've spent wrapping up Phase 3. Things are starting to make a lot more sense now that my stacks are in order on Evernote and some of the extraneous projects, those I realized weren't really projects, have been cut.

There was a point where I got a bit out of hand scheduling repeating events (e.g. "Complete 2 Duolingo exercises [daily]) and I'm still not sure what to do with them. For now, I can justify their presence but I still doubt whether or not I should leave them as repeating events. I remember the video mentioning how Calendars are only for time specific events, and how repeating events don't apply to GTD. If that's the case, should I leave those repeating events in Things at all? If that's the case, what happens with them? 

All in all, I feel very confident about everything and am plenty happy about this entire process! 

***Update IV***

Ultimately, I've decided to take empty my daily events from Things and keep them on the side on a sticky note. Ideally, I'd like all of these small actions every day at the beginning of my day before anything else to start me off awake and alert, ready to tackle my Today list.

I've finished up Phases 4 and 5 and the entire system has crystallized itself. I was skeptical about the tagging system but it turned out much easier that I thought it would be with great benefits for the overall system. I'm pretty pleased and look forward to putting into use.

I'll be finishing up the class today, with my very first daily and weekly review tomorrow, signaling a new week and my use of GTD in earnest. I'll make sure to update my progress in the coming weeks! 


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