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Mojo Clothing

Work in progress. Uploading more soon after much discussion and planning with my partner, Hugo Carmon.

Pictured below is the first two logo tee shirts, designed and printed by myself.

I worked at a small skateshop for about 4 or 5 years, and along the way have met great people and acquired some great skills. One of which is the skill of screen printing. The skateshop was undergoing changes and the oppourtunity to become a skate/printhsop arose. With one of the owners i took a3 day intensive course to learn the ins and outs of the art. After learning that and spending plenty of time messing up ALOT i printed my first tee shirts for what would be a growing idea until this day as i sit here and type this description. The tee on the left (worn by me) is super limited, only two were made, one for me, and one ofr a guy who stopped me at Wawa. the tee pictured on the right is called The OG logo tee. About 30 were offered and orders were filled within the day. I'm here to work on brand development and to figure out how to do this business in the correct way from an artistic standpoint, and a business standpoint.


          WHAT IT MEANS

Live, Love, Self means 3 things. We strive to make clothes people can LIVE in and go through daily life, feeling comfortable and confident that what they are wearing is comfortable and tasteful. Love, we hope that throughpeople living our brand, and through us living it, they will grow to know us as people and designers and to love us and our brand, and finally self. Self refers to those who live, love and learn to identify themselves through our brand and for me and my partner to continue to express ourselves and show the world what we are all about.



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