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Moje město / My City

Moje město (in English: My City) is a project created by architects and teachers. So far it was tested in Ostrava, a city far far east in the Czech republic. At first we were three architects and one teacher, now it's four and two. click to see more

To break it down - we want to expose children to seeing different houses, cities, spaces, visiting them, talking about them, trying hands on designing, having to express the opinion, defend it, agree or disagree with the creation of others.. In the long run (in our minds) it will lead to a few more great clients, content residents and investors.. better houses, better spaces, better cities.. world peace! :)

Well, that's the idea. So far we tried a few exercises with three classes. We learned our lessons,  threw away a lot of dumb and naive presumptions and discovered a few promising ways to go. With more knowledge and funding, we can allow ourselves to go bolder next year.

So far we were using a stencil-like logo.. the kids liked it. but guess what - almost everyone working with non-professionals in architecture field is using it! also it stands out unnecessarily out everywhere.. but you can tell me if I'm wrong..

and so we created a quick invitation to the exhibition opening just using futura font and picking kids' favorite orange color. but this is meant for the close circle of municipality officials (that will surely not attend or visit) and we do not want to present ourselves with it. nevertheless, the main tendences are there somewhere deep deep down..

and now to the actual and current work:

so this is what I'm working with so far..


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