Moi Sur la Plate

Moi Sur la Plate - student project

Moi Sur la Plate - image 1 - student projectHey-o, classmates.

Well wowy-wow, this class has been an eye-opener so far. I never went to school for art, so I have admittedly spent about zero time analyzing or discussing the motivations behind my work. I literally design and produce in a bubble and, besides the fact that is no way for this lady to actually grow, it gets pretty isolating. Though there are 18,000+ of you and even if I don’t engage in discussions with a single person on this round, getting the art out there and being encouraged and pushed to dig deeper by Andy has been so refreshing for this basement Gollum artist, I can’t even express it.

In putting together the Pinterest boards, patterns, under currents, over currents (is that even a thing!?!) started to become oh so clear. I don’t have a defined style, but after running through this exercise, I could start to see similarities between the pieces I had previously thought could be no different. 

The patterns and themes I see in my work or emerging in the work I am most excited about include:


- Circles

- Minimalist Maximalism....Mixamalism?

- Retro Color Palettes

- A little weird, but a little cute.

- A touch of humor.

- A nod to nature

- Underlying story.

- Inside jokes displayed in small details.


I used the three dice rolls to try very different looks. The two I am choosing to share are ‘Six-Year Old Tattoo/Copy Yourself’ and ‘Family History/Other Medium.’ They look totally different, but their shared genetics are apparent to me.

Can’t wait for the next exercise! Thank you for being an eternal source of inspiration, Andy. Not that you’ll read through this novel, but I am a huge fan of your pod cast. Listening to it has really sparked something in me that has me motivated to get out of my own way and just start growing.


Moi Sur la Plate - image 2 - student projectMoi Sur la Plate - image 3 - student project



Here’s a portrait of my Gumby-like fiancée I did in the same style as the cycloptocat.


I even wrote a poem to go with it:

Raindrops on sword ferns and whiskers on fiancés
Bright yellow chanterelles, imitation Beyonces
Brown humus earth, dear, how it makes my heart sing
These are a few of my favorite things!

When the milk spills
When the toe stubs
When I’m feeling blue
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feeeeeeel so baaaaad!

Moi Sur la Plate - image 4 - student project

Ali McQueen
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