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Module 3 of 5: Getting Yourself Out There With Content Marketing

Defining Your Avatars or Ideal Audience

Gender/Age: Male 25-30
Ethnic background: Caucassion
City/State: New York, NY
Education: College graduates
Income level: $40,000
Job status: Employed but not not working in film industry

Favorite books: Sci-fi and fantasy related books and Cinefex magazine
Favorites blogs: Giant Freakin Robot, Behind VFX, Screenrant, IO9 and Fantasy Faction.
Authorities they trust: Wil Wheaton, Zack Snyder, James Cameron, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Guillermo del Toro
Newsletter: Bloggers’ newsletter
Favorite Social Media Tools: Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus

Their biggest problem they need to solved?
They are finding difficulty to locate ‘Legitimate’ official behind-the-scene video/footage for their favorite movies on the internet.

Their biggest character flaw:
Not being sociable with others

They are motivated by success.

What does the perfect solution look like to them?
A one-stop easy access to the information they look for.


Getting Yourself Out There With Content Marketing

Three keyword niches:

How to break into the film industry


Ang Lee Opens Film Studio

Dead life sci-fi short film in the making

iPad Mini: Price, Release Date, Features and New Apple iMac

We Are 17: Kiss TV & BBC India

3. Movies
Around the World Roundup: ‘Skyfall’ Adds Incredible $156 Million Overseas

At the Box Office, it is a James Bond Weekend

(video) SNL Anne Hathaway Les Miserables Monologue

But these visual effects related references produced zero result. SIGGRAPH (it is vfx conference),  Green-screen, Maya, Cinefex (this is a premiere vfx magazine) and Behind-the-scenes. 
What did I do wrong using Alltop??



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