Module 2 Project - Rock Your Diabetes avatar/audience

Curious Chad: Type 1 diabetic, male, 21 - 35 yo. Chad is overwhelmed by what he needs to do to control his diabetes. He knows he can do better, and he wants to - he just wishes is was easier and he knew where to start. Chad lacks confidence in his abilities, and therefore often excludes himself from participating in sport or activities where he feels his diabetes might alienate him or draw attention.

Where he gets his info
- Favorite Books/magazines: Men's health, Sports illustrated, health and fitness material.
- Favorite Blogs: Lifehacker.com, menshealth.com, greatist.com, nerdfitness.com, expertenough.com
- Celebrities / Authorities They Trust: He doesn't know who to trust.
- Favorite Social Media Tools: Twitter and Facebook

His needs
- The biggest problem they need solved? How to make sense of their readings, understand how to practically manage their diabetes, gain confidence
- Their biggest character flaw? Confidence
- Are they motivated by success or fear of failure? Failure
- What does the perfect solution look like to them? Waking up with a perfect sugar every morning - a great start to the day!


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