Jessica Moore

Social Media Specialist



Module 2: Personal Blog Avatar

• Gender: Female
• Age: 25-35
• City/State: targeting metropolitan areas across the US, but not necessarily major cities. I'm more trying to reach women who live near a city, and find balance in having access to the city but not being overwhelmed by it
• Income Level: $50-75k
• Job Status: employed, desiring to be self-employed

• Favorite Books: she loves to read -- everything from Twilight and Discovery of Witches to autobiographies like "I'd Rather Be in Charge", but more often than not, she's reading a magazine or blog
• Favorite Blogs: Style Me Pretty, Jones Design Company, Young House Love
• Celebrities / Authorities They Trust: magazines like People, In Style, 
• Favorite Social Media Tools: Instagram, Pinterest

• The biggest problem they need solved? They're constantly looking for inspiration and aiming to develop an exciting lifestyle.  They may be on a soul search or hunting to figure out who exactly they are.  From fashion to interior decorating, from events/contests and activities they should try - they are on the search for the latest and greatest.
• Their biggest character flaw? They may be a little materialistic or a little too interested in things
• Are they motivated by success or fear of failure? By success, they want to find happiness in all things from their personal style to their home, to their job, and they would love an extra place to explore that happiness and share in it or learn from someone else on the same journey.
• What does the perfect solution look like to them? Ultimately, the best RSS feed/blog aggragator with a mix of the niche blogs they love to read.


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