ModifyNY - student project

ModifyNY is my personal brand as a designer for Textiles. When I create textile designs I strive to impress an emotion to the person. Simply spark a memory  or feeling that makes the person nostalgic. Textiles can represent so much meaning to a person or group of people that I simply want to continue that tradition in my way. Modifying the design to tell a story or message that needs to be said from the client. 

My ethos is bold, simple, detailed, vintage, organized chaos and a dark edge. I want to create a label design that not only will translate to my textiles but other works that I create (jewelry, bags, clothes etc...) to continue to tell the story or message of what i design.

This is my Moodboard.  

ModifyNY - image 1 - student project

Elizabeth Burger

Surface Designer, Illustrator and Fine Artist