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Modesta Canyon Collection

There is a hike about a 20 minute drive from my house that I go on several times a year. The path goes down into a small canyon that has a year-round spring. There is always at least some water along the rocky course even though this area is primarily desert. The cool sheltered canyon and the pool of water at its base provides a welcome respite from the desert heat or wind or just the general anxieties of life.

I have included in my patterns the colorful leaves of the hawthorn tree that hangs over the deepest pool, its spiny branches, the oak leaves and acorns that line the canyon, the rippled surface of the water, and the red dragonflies that frequent this shady oasis in summer.


These are my first set of colors based on the photos above.


I came up with six patterns and two color variations.



I am quite happy with several of these patterns and will probably continue to explore color combinations. I'm not entirely sure how well the patterns all go together but that's something I hope to keep learning about.



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