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Bartholomew Fish

Designer and Illustrator



Modest Mouse - El Paso Texas

I decided I wanted to do a poster for one of my favorite bands, Modest Mouse. After looking up upcoming shows, I decided on one in El Paso, Texas. One lyric that had always stuck with me served as the main inspiration - "My heart is a bitter buffalo." I randomly looked up the old mechanical horse rides you would often see in grocery stores, and had this idea of making it a bitter buffalo instead. I went through a number of sketches and variations, exploring what the composition and style might be. I decided to add some background details to further reference El Paso. 

Here are some of my original sketches:


I decided to lose the cowboy (originally it was going to be a Cowboy Dan reference). 

I'm pretty happy with out how it came out, though I'm thinking about re-visiting the texture which came out it more paper like than I intended. I would love any input or feedback – thanks DKNG for an awesome class! 


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