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Shedrick Turner

Aspiring Sneaker Designer



Modes Of Inspiration In Marker Renderings

With every design I start at the planning stage. Whatever is on my mind at the time is how I transfer all my ideas to the paper. I try to picture myself on the end of an athlete, almost like being at the starting  line and taking off full force into what ever I can see as a breakthrough.

One of my most favorite designs I created is the Nike Calypso. Funny story behind this one. I was sitting in my Perspectives Class at Georgia State and I was watching a film on Brazilian and Trinidadian cultures of dance. One lady in particular had a zig-zag pattern on her dress and I really gravitated towards the way it looked. So I sketched it out and ended up doing this as my first rendering. I called it the Calypso because that is the style of dance of Rio de Janerio and it really inspired the different colorways I created as well.

I got a friend Tim who runs a luxury streetwear brand and he wanted something that was kind of intricate but not too flashy. I know he likes to skate, so I used canvas as the main focus, with a patent leather upper that can zip open in the back. 

Was watching Sherlock Holmes trying to find modes of inspiration amad I started paying attention to the style of dress throughout the movie and it got me wanting to sketch something out, almost like a cross between their world and the world we inhabit now. Turned into a great marker rendering of what appears to be a Hurrache boot. Love this one alot.


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