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Modern calligraphy project

13th July 2014

I've managed to turn some of my calligraphy into digital prints. I'm really pleased how these turned out.

26th June 2014

More practice! These are going to be used for art prints.

18th June 2014

I've been having fun making these gift tags. It's been great to practice repetitively and, although my calligraphy isn't perfect, people seem to like them and want to buy them so that's great encouragement for me to keep going.

8th June 2014

It's been a while since I last updated my project. So I'm back to using Winsor & Newton inks and have treated myself to some new pen holders and nibs. I'm mainly using the Zebra g and Nikko g at the moment. 

I've been practicing whenever I get a spare moment. Here are some of my recent attempts.

2nd February 2014

I've been waiting all day to have a go with my new Higgins ink and I'm so disappointed. It's supposed to be black but is drying grey and if I have a little too much ink it's bleeding. Anyone got any recommendations for ink?

A little calligraphy practice of a favourite quote. 

10th January 2014

Happy new year! I've been through the exercises again using white gouache on teal card. Need to play more with the consistency but found it lovely to write with.

And did some leafy doodles.

8th October 2013 - writing first words

I've still got a long way to go on my alphabet, still need to practice flourishes for a start. I thought I'd have ago at writing some words.

Starting planning for Christmas

8th October 2013 - capital letters

I'm a little behind in posting my progress. I've continued to practice lower case and have made a start on my capital letters. My favorite caps to write are B, N and H, worst are I and J. Will come up with my own version I think.

2nd October 2013 - lower case n - z

I've been practicing everyday and really enjoying myself. There are some letters I'm struggling to write, just finding it difficult to get the flow of r and z. 

First attempts at the full lower case alphabet

28th September 2013 - a to n

My Nikko G nib arrived today so I've been having a play with the first half of the lower case alphabet. This new nib is so much better than the one I was using last week.

These first two photos are of my traced letters.

This is my first attempts at freehand.

Practising each individual letter.

26th September 2013 - first marks

I'm so pleased to have found this course, I've been counting down the days for it to start! I design stationery and would love to become good enough to incorporate my hand lettering into my designs. I'm using a nib from a calligrpahy set and struggled to produce the thicker downward line so I've ordered a Nikko G nib as recommended in the hope that this helps and it's not just me being rubbish. I've had a go at the first part of the course and found it very therapeutic. 

Here's my first attempts.


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