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Modern Watercolor Techniques Class Projects

First, let me thank our instructor for a very well developed class, with great examples and excellent assignments. This was truly one of the best courses I've taken on Skillshare! I have so many friends excited to take this class now!

I am very new to painting and I've never taken a painting class before, but I did play around with watercolor a bit as a child, so it was very fun to get back into it. 

Here's my first assignment, pulse and precision.


and the second, monochrome value. I'm terrible at drawing flowers, so I figured I paint something else.


These were my experiments, which didn't go very well at all, but I've been doing lots more as I work on different things:


I did about 4 versions of the Jellyfish before I was happy with this one. I used a green crafting spray ink mist over top of it all:


So, finally my galaxy. I did probably six versions. Some I tried to do just with no reference and things didn't go well at all. So I went online and found this as inspiration, I searched for galaxy and thought it was pretty, after I followed the links I realized it wasn't a real photo of a galaxy, but decided to use it anyway.


Sorry, my scanner cut the very bottom off. I know it was much more blended than the example in the class, and some of the projects, but I thougt it fit my inspiration well, and I ended up really liking the blending on it. I think there are probably 5 layers of paint on there. Hope it shows.

Ana Victoria, THANK you again for the wonderful class!


I did another galaxy and added some lettering as a Xmas present for my Dad. Who is my guiding light in life. 



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