Modern Watercolor Techniques 1 Exercises

Modern Watercolor Techniques 1 Exercises  - student project

I just got done with the first exercise in this class. On the right you can see Heather my ongoing inspiration. She is a beagle, we adopted her from the shelter last December. Her painting is done in Burnt Sienna. After this one I decided to do another one to also practice line work and I tried out different small brushes I had including the once I usually never use. I used Ultramarine Blue for the flower and butterfly. The paints were "Da Vinci" tubes.

Modern Watercolor Techniques 1 Exercises  - image 1 - student project

More to come....

I brought back two Schmincke Pan sets from Germany. This one I don't use that much so I thought this is a good opportunity to explore the colors. One reason why I prefer watercolors is because it hardly has any odors so I stayed away from the bleach and alcohol.I just looked how the colors reacted to each other and used a little bit of salt. I also made a little chart with numbers to find the combinations better that I liked.

My Planet Exercise:

Modern Watercolor Techniques 1 Exercises  - image 2 - student project

And my Jellyfish:

Modern Watercolor Techniques 1 Exercises  - image 3 - student project

I got to say doing these lines were really tricky. If I used too much water they were too thick or I couldn't finish my line and the color started to look broken. It looks so easy when you do it. 

Here is my Galaxy. I used ink, watercolor and white gouache on top. It looked too busy too me but I didn't want to cover too much up (what would be the point after doing all these layers and textures...) so I added the balloons so the eye got something to rest on. Adding more stars also pulled the painting more together. I had some ideas before I did the sky but the sky was too busy and dark to do it so I might make some more on a smaller scale to try out different ideas. I also like the idea of an underwater landscape. Interesting lesson!

Modern Watercolor Techniques 1 Exercises  - image 4 - student project



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