Modern Watercolor...Succulents

Modern Watercolor...Succulents - student project

Initially I skipped over this class because I'm not that into painting florals (yet!) but I loved Amarilys' other classes so much that I enrolled anyway :) I'm glad I did because I learned a lot about these painting techniques.

So I followed my interests and worked with succulents instead of doing the flowers (which I may do at some point).

I started by sketching out a little grouping of plants, arranged like a landscape feature: 

Modern Watercolor...Succulents - image 1 - student project

And I was really fascinated with the opaque Vintage approach. I didn't have white acrylic, and used Copic Opaque White pigment. 

Modern Watercolor...Succulents - image 2 - student project

Things that worked well:

  • I loved mixing up these muted tones!
  • it was looking really sparse until I added the indigo shapes to fill in the back
  • the little pear cactus fruits were a last-minute addition and I think they're really cute, plus it ties in with the pink cactus in front
  • I like layering on the different accents for depth and highlights — I pushed farther with these details that I normally would, so that was fun

Things that I struggled with:

  • I think I was too stingy with the pigment/used too much water because I had some paper show-through
  • my edges are messier than I'd like, not smooth and crisp like in the videos
  • I was feeling a little rushed when finishing this painting up, and I don't think it looks as polished as I'd intended

As I was finishing this one, I did an image search for "succulent bouquet" and holy cow! There are some beautiful, striking arrangements that would be awesome for the other two techniques.

Amy Lamp
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