Marguerite Bellangue

Fashion and Print Designer



Modern Watercolor Projects

Hello! I'm a fashion and print designer who has enjoyed working in watercolor for a few years now and is completely self-taught in regards to watercolor painting. This class was great for me to learn some new techniques to improve my painting, plus it was fun! Here are my projects:

Monochrome Activity


These were fun to do and allowed me to practice working with one color, which isn't something I usually do. In the future, I thinK something like this would make a great watercolor warmup exercise.


These were not as difficult to do as I was expecting. The only hard part was maintaining a consistent thickness for all of the tentacles, which I suppose is something that will improve with practice.


This one is definitely my favorite. I love how unpredictable the mixing of the colors was during the process. Though the Dr. P.H. Martin's paint is my favorite for color, I have discovered that it's not the best for mixing, but it did create a cool effect here. 


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