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Modern | Vintage | Cabin Retreat

8 PRINCIPLES OF STYLING: Homework Assignment #1

I absolutely love how this room gives off vintage and modern at the same time. It's sort of the look I'm hoping for in my place. 

1. NEEDS - I'm not sure what's hiding in this cute lil' credenza, but I'm sure this is where they're hiding everything they really need in the room—be it, blankets or even the TV!

2. SHAPE - The juxtaposition of this lamp in front of all the squares of the window behind it, really makes it stand out. I love the shape of both the lamp shade and the base. 

3. COLOR - This room has a couple of pops of color, but to me, the turquoise couch cushions stand out the most. Just gives it a fun flair. Although, I must admit, the curtains stood out to me first.

4. PATTERN - The rug, probably because of the high contrast, really stands out amongst the wood and neutral tones throughout the room. 

5. TEXTURE - These chairs are giving pattern AND texture. They look so comfortable and soft!

6. PLACEMENT - Here's a lil' vignette for y'all. I really like the idea of using the watering can as part of the design. Definitely adds some height and color to the table. 

7. BLING - Hey bronze flower pot!

8. BOTANICALS - I get it now, I finally get it! Because this palm plant is giving this room LIFE! Even that little cactus is doing it for me. 


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