Modern Twists Attempts

Modern Twists Attempts - student project

This was great practice. I'm challenged by working in a very dry environment, and I think you can tell in some of these pieces how the paint blooms and dries almost immediately (even with a humidifier on!). I haven't been able to replicate Cat's results, but I like how some of the colors are blending and I feel like I now have a lot to experiment with.


For the monstera, I tried a warmer, yellower palette. It was tough trying to get sharp edges with my unsteady hand and the paint drying almost immediately.Modern Twists Attempts - image 1 - student project

You can especially see the "immediate blooms" in my sunflower, heh. It looks like I didn't use nearly enough white paint on the second round, but I think it came out relatively cute anyway!

Modern Twists Attempts - image 2 - student project

For the hibiscus, I didn't have the tubes so I just used a lot of purple lake and crimson from the Windsor Newton Cotman palette. I scaled this one down a bit (and the succulents) because I didn't have a size 14 brush, and using a smaller brush was causing some issues.

Modern Twists Attempts - image 3 - student project

I did two versions of the succulent. The first has really saturated color, but I wasn't able to get the dark accents I wanted to create a feeling of depth. So I tried again with less pigment, with sort of marginal results - ha! I do like some of these color combos, though. 

Modern Twists Attempts - image 4 - student project

It's harder than it looks, isn't it? It gives you an even greater appreciation for Cat's work.