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Modern Tribe's "The Legend of Smoking Tiger"


We Are Modern Tribe Outfit

Modern Tribe is Culturally appropriate premium street fashion brand

We've all seen it before. So many cultural designs and letters are all around us. Tattoos, signs on the street, and even on fashion. Many fashion brands use these elements without any stories, permissions, some even misrepresent them. Being Korean, and growing up in U.S., I saw so many Korean letters and Korean flags displayed on clothing and other items. Many times they are used on items that can hinder the integrity of what the flag represents for us Koreans. At first, I joked about it with my friends. But after thinking about it deeper, I felt like my culture was being disrespected - and that made me angry. I believe many people feel same when they see their cultural elements represented in this manner. I always had interest in fashion and always wanted to create my own brand, but I didn't wanted to be another fashion brand that does not have any respect or responsibility regarding cultural design. I am creating designs appropriately and thoughtfully. I want to tell the story about the tribal art that I use - the cultural history behind them. At Modern Tribe, we understand how tribal members feel when they see their tribal art used on commercial items, so we are doing our best to provide right art and right design. Our mission is to provide "Right" tribal design with the story of the culture and the history to all of my Brothers

The Legend of Smoking Tiger


When I was little, before I went to sleep, my grandmother often told me a fairy tale. When she told me a story, it always started, "A Long long time ago when tigers were smoking..." You see, in Korea, this is how every fairy tales starts. Korean culture has very deep relationship with tigers. Due to many mountains and valleys, Korea had large population of tigers, and they had a big influence on Korean culture. When tobacco was first sold in Korea, it was advertised as a medicinal product and almost everyone was smoking. Later, during the 17th century, tobacco became luxury item and only aristocrats were allowed to smoke. Peasants could only watch people with money and power smoke and the saying "We miss the time when even the tigers were smoking" was born. This phrase has since been modified and when old events, legends, or fairy tales are told, Korean people say: "A Long long time ago when tigers were smoking..."

100% Premium cotton T-shirt with Modern Tribe original design of Tiger smoking with Korean traditional cloud patterns


Made with premium grade 100% cotton tshirts. Screen printed with highest quality inks.

Size are true to fit size not too tight or not too big just right amount of a room for comfort.



Currently in fashion industry, cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation has been issue for more then 15 years. It is time to change how people uses culural images or tribal arts.

In Modern Tribe, we create our designs with cultural experts and tribal artists. Our designs have stories of culture with right sources and authenticated by right group.

Also there are so many legends or cultural stories being forgotten or lost in many countries. In Modern Tribe we are telling those stories through our clothings. Keeping the legends alive.

That is our mission and we like to combine people from all over the world with our stories.

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