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Heather Gill




Modern Rorschach

So I've always seen images within images and been facinated with Rorschachs' Inkblots.  This is a modern take on the ink he used in the early 1900's.  Each one was created from nature. I love seeing something else within an image.  These are abstract but stitched together from single or multiple images.  When I set out to create these I wanted to use many images in a layering way to acheive what I see in my mind as I create them.

They all have a similar tone.  I've tried them in color and they are far too distracting to see anything but the color (for me).  So I've made them all different tones, many are how they were photographed but some I've enhanced the tones in black and white.

Just a bit nervous to share these since this is so very different from what I've ever created.  I would like to make the transition into fine art from freelance editorial work.  Editors are not usually up for hearing how something could be amazing from your point of view.

Thank you for the feedback.


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