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Modern Marketing in an Anti-Modern Context

About the Business

Nucleus started as a Creative Consultancy in a culture that has yet to fully appreciate what that means. Communications and Production are our core strengths and we found ourselves gravitating toward Content Marketing and Content Development.

Through this project, I'm hoping to gain some clarity and guidance on the marketing side as we transition from reactionary problem-solver to asset-creating content generator.

Clarifying Our Role

What is Marketing for? 

Marketing is about communication and relationships. It's about listening and responding, then listening again. Consumers want brands to hear and care about their needs and, of course, great products. Brands want happy customers, loyalty and sales. We know we're doing our job right when both sides are happy.

What are we allowed to touch?

What we can touch differs from client to client. We approach projects by looking at the whole story. We believe we should be able to touch anything we need to make true the story we need to tell. Our clients usually believe different. lol. So we've developed a process where we assume we're allowed to change anything – products, people, team structures – on the inside in order to tell the story we've been tasked to convey.

On the consumer side, we assume we can't change them, but we can change their experience and their perceptions of the brands and products they interact with. In fact that's what we do.

What can we measure?

The good news is Content Development comes with some built-in measurers. We can get metrics about things folks like and dislike, their engagement levels, the reach of our communications and more. The bad news is there's loads of ROI that will never be measurable. You can't measure the guy who sees a tweet then gets the office buzzing about a product launch or the woman who watches a video that inspires her to start a business. 

The available metrics, though extensive, still fall short of measuring the true value of the work we do. But thankfully they're a good enough indication of the things that matter to the folks who sign the checks :)

What can we change?

Everything! That's what we aim for anyway. In a society where businesses are tight on spending, experimentation and off-the-beaten-path ideas sound like a waste of resources to many. But we believe that's the only way to do great work. We used to think we were just easily bored, but we now realize that we're excited by the leading edge. We love to bump into pockets of the future and discover new connections. Some call it disruptive (in a good way) or out-of-the-box, but we think change is the point.

What can we promise?

To our people we can promise to empower them and help them grow. Being a small team, we need everybody on board to be multifaceted self-starters. So we chose people with varied skill sets and interests with the drive to keep learning and do their best. As our company evolves into one providing new offerings, it means we'll all have to take a ride up the learning curve, while doing work we love. Stepping into new territory means there are some things we can't predict, but one thing is sure – there's never a dull moment!

To our customers we promise to always do our best by their brand. Once we've all agreed on the objectives, we will immerse ourselves in who they are to figure out the best way to get there. Then do it.

What is the hard part?

The hard part is working in a country where Content Marketing has yet to be appreciated as a marketing tool and an indispensable method of telling stories, engaging consumers and building communities.

So many great ideas have ended up on the boardroom floor because we pitched to a team that still think marketing is advertising and advertising is tv-radio-press. It has been difficult to stay committed to an idea whose time has yet to come (here anyway).

Should we make or follow trends?

We are most excited and driven when making trends. We follow trends in order to trendcast, so we can do what's next. Sometimes it means our big ideas get the same reception as a bowl of snot. Luckily we've become thick-skinned over the years and continue to present the things we think will work best. 

Where is the risk?

We're moving from being a company that gives clients what they want to one that creates work that attracts the clients we want. The risk in that, of course, is we build it and they don't come. 


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