Suzanne Eberhardt

Founder/CEO of Eberhardt design



Modern Man Design -"Bring your A game"

 This is still in progress

Hi - I’m Suzanne Eberhardt. I am CEO and founder of Modern Man Design. The spaces we design are classic and timeless for both high end residential and commercial space. After 15 years working with wall street firms such as Merrill Lynch, Dean Witter, Brown Brothers Harriman and the like , private practice physicians- surgeons, and attorneys most of whom were men,  I began commisions for high end residential projects for bachelors and young couples ( 10 + years ago)

Our focus is on unique high end custom residential and boutique offices while incorporating high tech media and areas of entertainment spaces. I particularly enjoy working with men as they are typically no nonsense, bottom line driven and understand that as they are I am a professional who is a high level producer who has a track record and they can trust. My business has always been heavy on customer service, high design, communication and attention to every last detail. We approach and tailor each client’s needs/desires and space requirements specifically to reflect there individual style and business image as well. The theme – Bring Your "A “game.

Just as contractors , artisans and consultants are carefully evaluated for each project before hire we will also incorporate wardrobe with carefully chosen stylists who work with top level personalities as needed to be consistent with their personal brand.

A typical client would be a man who is on his way up/ or settled into his chosen profession are doing what they love and want every aspect of their lifestyle to reflect that. Carefully planned spaces bring about a peaceful uncluttered mind allowing clarity, wellbeing and a sense of order so that they can focus fully on their professions and there time of leisure .

At times they have a need to prepare space for their part time live in children which we are well versed in as well.

Ultimately we will be a concierge addressing addt'l areas to assist men in streamlining their lifestyles and habitats .

Current website is (new one in html5 is currently under construction)

I look forward to meeting you all and seeing our collective future successes!



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