Modern Gladiators


I have plenty of ideas, but I haven't really programmed games (I did some C# stuff years ago).  Therefore, the project I am displaying here is a test-run for the purposes of learning the ropes; I will begin working on my "real" projects after I have more experience.

With that being said, I am basically setting up a multiplayer game where two teams battle in an arena.  There isn't much room to maneuver - what with the lava and robotic tentacles - so the action will be intense.

Week 4:

Again, I find myself out of time to progress very much in the Modern Gladiators game.  This is partially due to having another busy week (doing taxes, etc.) AND going completely overboard on the Doodle Jumper game.  Therefore, I shall discuss the advancements I have done to that game and explain how it can help me in the future.

First off, I changed the models for all of the pieces.  Now you are a whale , riding a propane tank (fire shoots out when you have upward velocity), trying to hit gorillas (the coins) who are riding on flaming f-16s.  Take that as you will....

Next, the platforms move slowly to the right.  If a platform moves too far to the right (so that you can't land on it), it creates a new platform on the left side of the screen.

For the player, I re-enabled the rotation, so that the whale can spin around; it creates a more interesting visual.  Of course, this creates a problem with the platforms: if the player is upside down, then the platforms will become solid before it gets above them, thus blocking upward movement.  Therefore, I created a head point and check which one is lower (float operator finds the Minimum), thus solving the problem.

Then, since it is fairly easy to continue with the game, I added the challenge of falling meteor objects.  I used the same property of the platform creator, but every 1 - 2.5 seconds it creates 1 - 5 meteors that fall with gravity downward.  Since it looked weird that they would rest on the platforms that they hit, I made it so that they get removed when they collided with something.  Then, since I was unsatisfied with just running into the hard surface of the meteor, I created an explosion physics where it collides; at first I tried "Add Explosion Force," but they found that only applies to one  object - "Add Explosion" was the operator that I wanted.

Finally, to balance out the explosions, I used the Add Explosion Force as a boost for your character that you can use up to 3 times (indicator put at the bottom of the screen with the second UI camera trick).  The boost uses the setting that puts the explosion below the object to shoot it upward.  I made it intensionally a large boost.

The main thing to watch out for with this game, is that the added explosions and boost add different levels of velocity to your character, which can either add or take away from the bounce distances, and can even add a little bit of sideways velocity, so it takes some getting used to.

This can help out my Modern Gladiators game with the practicing of physics and the collision practice.

Jumping Game:


Week 3 (No New Version):

So, with a heavy work load this week, I don't have too much progress to show off.  This is especially because much of the things I was working on turned out to be topics for Week 4: Rigidbody collisions, gravity, etc.

Other things I worked on included the "iTween Move To" function and Animations.  The main issue was that the iTween Move To checks the location to be moved to only once - I was trying to get the enemy Warriors to chase the player, but it would charge to the player's point when it is first checked instead.  I eventually made it recheck the player's location after each cycle of its "charge" animation; it works a little better, but it is still a little choppy-looking.

I also tried to add some effects to the player's attack.  I succeeded with the timing, but the collisions that I was trying to create weren't working; I believe that it is partly to do with the mesh colliders for the spartan king models and the inexperience with colliders (mostly fixed with Week 4's videos).

I plan to try to add the Week 4's knowledge to what I was working on, but it will probably take form in a Week 4 update.

Here is the Break Out for Week 3 (again, a minimal version due to the lack of time I had this week).

Break Out version:



Attack Effect from the Outside

Inside of Attack Explosion - Collision Sphere to check for hitting enemies (visible because I didn't know how to make the meshes invisible :P)

Enemy charging me.

Putting the two together (plus making the Collision Sphere invisible thanks to Week 4's videos).

Version 2:

With Week 2's knowledge, I performed the required fields while also giving some movement controls to a character.


I replaced all of the soldiers with the animated Spartan King models from the class examples (they fit the arena feel better).  I chose one of them to act as the character for the player.  It moves with the WASD controls and has 2 cameras following it; you can switch between 1st and 3rd person with the Tab key.  You can toggle down its Run movement by holding 'r' (doubles the speed) and perform a sword attack with the 'space bar' (only really seen in 3rd person).

Class Suggestions:

  • Left-click the other Spartans to rotate them 90 degrees.
  • Press 'f' to change the fog's color.
  • Click one (I'll let you figure out which) tentacle to play epic music.
  • The tentacles rotate (and move) around the arena, moving up and down.  The plane (lava) scales larger and smaller in a pulsating fashion.
  • The camera moves with the player.
  • You can toggle which tentacles have their Spotlights on with the 'enter' key.


Added a Skybox and increased the fog.

Future Plans:

  • Add move AI / basic action elements to the other Spartans
  • Fix player rotation - I had a hard time getting the two cameras to move around at the same rotation as the figure while not changing the XZ position of the figure.

To View:



Version 1:

I used the basics taught to us in week 1 (loading in basic shapes, adding lighting, moving the camera, uploading Assets from the Asset Store, etc.) and experimented a little.  I put multiple Directional Lights pointing upward to make the glow from the lava and added Spotlights to the tentacles to light the actual arena area.  I also spent some time experimenting with Blender (a free 3D modeling program) to form the tentacle pieces.  Finally, I found the Particle Effect object and added them in as embers coming up from the lava.

The soldiers / swat men are from the Asset Store as well as an animation program to use them (as of yet, unused).



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