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Modern-Day Jersey City

I've become fascinated with Jersey City and it's unofficial status as New York City's "sixth borough". Jersey City is still a city of its own in a state that gets a lot of unfair flack, and it is a hugely compelling, interesting place. I've never not enjoyed my trips there, and I want to set a story there.

8/31 - So, having finished the first unit, i'm moving on to fun with one and two-point perspective. I'd spent a little time in this before, since, compared to drawing faces and people, it's the part of sketching that makes the most sense  to me, at least at the moment.

Now, unfortunately, I could not fit the Ninja Turtle in, but this felt nice, although i'm not really pleased with the building in the background on the right side. I wanted it to be more of a skyscraper, or at least a significantly taller building, and it's a bit more... cereal-boxy than I wanted.

9/13 -

I, personally, am still on Section 2 of the class so far, working on getting my head around one, two, and three point perspective, partially because I want to be good at it, partially because drawing anything other than geometrically understandable buildings still intimidates the hell out of me. That said, I'm still a little pleased with some of the stuff i've created.

That last one i'm probably the most happy with, although those smokestacks on the building on the left are still a bit less organic than I wanted them to be.


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