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Modern Day Greek Gods.

I had an idea to make a modern version of Hades, Aphrodite, Zeus, and Poseidon. I picture them being a bit crude and self absorbent, and I tried to use Denis' great technique in a whole scene rather than just one awesome character that he does. It's been a bit tough trying to replicate his supreme style, but I wanted to take note of his coloring/lighting techniques.

I know it could use a lot of work I'm not great at this and am learning. I'm currently getting to the value stage in my painting and could use a little help I think. It's just difficult to match that supreme detail and where to place the brush without going overboard and making it a nice detail.

All critiques are openly accepted and encouraged!!!! Would love to know how I could get better and get up to par of some of these great projects I see here.

Thanks all and I'll keep uploading my progress, hope to hear from you. 


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