Modern Cars - They all look like electric shavers (Updated)

So far I have watched parts 1 - 5 of this class. I have also learned my Illustrator skills have got pretty rusty too, as I've not used it in a long time!

I have chosen to digitize the phrase I created for Mary Kates first class. I scanned my outline (and learnt the hard way as I did not draw lines to seperate letters with holes in them so I have lost a couple of parts of my letters but I will try and fix this as I go on. 

This was my lettering when first scanned in. 


This is my digitizing so far after deleteing sections out and adding a bit of temporary color. 



Even though this looks pretty rubbish at the mo I'm definitely learning things that I can apply to future attempts of digitisation! 

I've now completed some colour compositions, I took inspiration from the reference I collected and tried to choose 1950's car colours and gas station colours. 


I liked the red, pink, orange and blue colours the most. So I applied these colour schemes to my colour comps.


I liked the colour scheme on the bottom left the most so chose to take that one forward.

I then started to explore textures. I experimented with a brush pen, with ink and a brush, a charcoal pencil and a stick of charcoal. When I used in and I brush I experimented using the ink quite thickly and also with water to try and create a gradient like Mary Kate did. 

Here are acouple of images of some of my textures.




I was pretty pleased with how the gradient on cars looked on the last image above, and I also liked the charcoal effect on the moustach, as it looks soft but textured at the same time. 

I copied my illustration into photoshop layer by layer and then started to apply textures that I had created. I really enjoyed this stage as each time I clicked create clipping mask my textures started to come to life. 


I think using charcoal for the moustache texture was a good choice as it's quite subtle, I also liked the way the gradient looked on cars as I wanted it to have that two tone effect that alot of vintage cars had. Shavers has a texture on it too but sadly because the lettering is so dark it doesn't really show. 

I then moved onto adding final detail, and adding tweaks using things like photoshop brushes. I wanted the gradient on cars to blend a bit more smoothly, so I corrected that using a brush, and electric was looking a bit flat due to not having any texture so I used a photoshop brush to add a little texture to it. 


Using photoshop tweaks I was able to give a bit more texture, and I was also able to bring back more visable texture in the word shavers. I also managed to make the background look more vintage, warmer and textured. As I wanted it to look like a poster that had been up in an old garage for a long time with dirty fingerprints on it. 

At this point I still wasn't quite happy with the colour of They All Look Like, it felt like it was getting lost with the warmer background. So I decided to change it to grey so it would show up a bit better and still match in with the car colour theme I was using. 


Considering this was my first attempt at using the highlighted skills and techniques in the videos I think it turned out ok. It could be a lot better but it could have been a lot worse too haha! I've learnt so much especially about the process of lettering and digitising, and I'm looking forward to putting my new knowledge into practice in the future! 


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