Modern Calligraphy (2-Week Challenge)

Project Three: Finished Quote 

I had a lot of fun with this challenge, Everyone shared such beatuiful quotes. And many of you have inspired me to keep practicing so my work might be as lovely as your one day. Here is my finished quote. 


Project Two: Practice worksheets & pencil sketch of script


Below are the practice sheets I wrote before writting my quote. 


Project One: Calligraph Quote or Passage 

For the first project in the two week challenge I decided to use a quote from "Inception" because it is one of my favoirte movies. Since my sister is a huge Tom Hardy fan so I plan on giving this written quote to her.

"You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling." 

Class Project

I just started writing calligraphy five days ago and I have seen the improvement in my writing on each days practice sheets. I do not think learning to write calligraphy was "easy" but it was nowhere near as difficult as I always thought it must be.

I felt really encouraged by Bryn during the class and look forward to seeing my skills improve with more practice. Since I'm still a novice I decided to write a short quote from Dr. Seuss. A hardcover copy of "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" was given to me as a high school graduation gift by a very special teacher/ advisor. So I decided to go with that quote since it's simple and special to me. Plus I think most people really like the book, so everyone will smile when they read it.

I filled an entire page working on the quote layout and practicing the letters and words from the quote in calligraphy.

I really tried to focus on applying pressure on the downstroke and remembering not to drive the nib straight up. I was so focused on those things when I finished filling the page I noticed all the words were straight, and I had not written on a slant. So I'll have to add writing on a slant to my mental check list in the future. I enjoy writing the crossbar on the "t" the most. I had to practice descender on the "y" and the "g" quite a few time as is evident from my practice sheet, I was just trying to make them look as similar as possible. And I don't think my hairlines are thin enough, but I'll keep working on that. All in all I've very excited about what I was able to produce after five days of writing calligraphy.








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