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Modern Bohemian Transformation - with Eat Breathe Live Color

And now for some After Photos!

The first is my sofa - and it's not really an after...yet! It's more of a "I'm half-way there" photo:

Thanks to the advice of Justina and my peers I decided to ditch the floral and cover the couch with a white slipcover.  I picked white because it's easy to bleach, which is so important when dogs and children are involved! In addition, after Justina showed me a link to a couch that had seat cushions slipcovered, I decided I would do the same....and that this otomi teal fabric I've been lusting over would be just the thing! So my order is placed, and while it's a splurge I think I'm finally going to be in love with my couch!

Styling my console was a fun little project that didn't take too much time.  I added a great plant, a painting that had been tucked away and a couple other odds and ends. I'm happy!

Bookshelf. Ahhh Bookshelf. Who knew it could take a 100 hours to style a bookshelf, because I'm pretty sure that's how long it took me!  But in the end I love it.  Since I'm obsessed with color I figured why not have a color inspired bookshelf.  So here they are from yellow to orange to red.  There is a window that separates this bookshelf from another. And the second one has the same theme, only from green to blue. It makes me happy everytime I step in the room!

I would love some thoughts, critiques, suggestions on all my projects thus far.  I'm glad this class finally got me to whip my home into shape!


Hi All!

I'm Zoe, a Graphic Designer, Blogger, and extreme Color Lover!  My blog, Eat Breathe Live Color, is a place where I share my love of colorful design, fashion, food, travel and more!  

As for my home, I love a modern bohemian vibe.  I'm not afraid of patterns, or color obviously, but also love the simple lines of a modern design.  I recently redesigned our family room using the photo below as my inspiration.  A neutral palette with lots of pops of vibrant color.  I even went for the white sofa.  Having three little girls that's a huge risk, but having it slipcovered and being able to bleach it is actually a major bonus!  

I'm really looking forward to this class as I'm hoping to style some posts for my blog.  In addition, I've hit a real roadblock with my living room.  It's a room we rarely use and most all the furniture is hand me down so it doesn't really reflect my personality. I'm hoping this class will give me the inspiration to tackle this room on a budget and help it reflect our family's style and needs.

This "Surfer Chic Beach House" is so inviting and fun that it's constantly a source of inspiration to me. Check out the 8 Principles of Styling at work:

NEEDS: This is a room made for a family and for entertaining.  There is plenty of seating and using moroccan poufs as additional seating is always a good idea in my book!

SHAPE:  I love the large basket sitting below the rectangular coffee table.  It certainly creates visual interest!

COLOR: This one pretty much stands on its own.  There are lots of colors in this room, but they all work together instead of competing.  They all have a similar tone and minus the aubergine blanket none of them demand to be noticed more than the others.

PATTERN:  Once again lots of patterns but they all work together.  The yellow and the orange pillows have a subtle pattern to them and so they almost act as a solid.  The blue pillows and blue curtains are different patterns but the same color, so again they don't compete and of course they all give off the same vibe - sufer chic!

TEXTURE: Both the throw blanket, the rug and even the botanicals serve as texture in this room

PLACEMENT:  Everything in this room is deliberate! I love the placement of the seating, the accesories...all of it - perfection!

BLING: There isn't too much bling in this room, but I spy some up on the mantle and the glass vase of flowers on the coffee table serves as some subtle bling as well

BOTANICALS:  Love the plants up on the mantle! Both the color and the texture add a lot to this room, and fresh flowers are always a good idea!


Before I get to my before photos - Just a little about my home.  I have three little girls so how I "want" to design, and how I "have" to design is constantly a problem for me! Also, I've chosen areas of my home that I haven't spent much time decorating.  All the furniture in my living room was hand me down (yay for the budget, but nay for my design aesthetic).  I would love to hear your comments and can't wait to get to styling!

Love my West Elm headboard, but I could definitely use some more pops of color on the bed!

Yep I did stand on the coffee table to get this shot. But those are my favorite flats so I didn't mind including them :)  I love this coffee table.  It was in my home when I was little, but I never get sick of it.  The trouble I have with styling it is that my 2 year old likes to grab everything that's on there!

I can't stand this Sofa.  It's just not me. It's too floral and it's super old and not in great shape.  Anyone out there that can help with a budget friendly fix? I don't want to invest in a new sofa yet since my girls are still little...but it's time to do something!

Love the console but I never know what to put on here! It's next to the front door but we never use the front door so that doesn't much matter. 

A mish mosh of books and kids art need of some TLC!


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