Modern Art Challenge Workshop - New Horizons

Here's the finished version:


I used acrylic as a base but really watered a lot of it down because I wanted a more 'water color' feel on the canvas but didn't want to use actual watercolors. Using my mood inspiration words, my thinking was mostly on new horizons and the future, so I thought 'sunrise over water', so tried for a geometric shaped sunrise / stained glass look.

I really enjoyed this project. Thanks everyone for your positive feedback. Thank you Nicole for such wonderful instruction and your very encouraging words. I really found your workshop and class very helpful. I wish I would have had more time to devote to it, but as I said I did find it very cathartic. I look forward to future classes / workshops if you choose to teach more. 


Painting Process:

This is where I'm at right now. I've been dealing with some personal issues so I am just catching up, or trying to. I am finding that this style of painting is very cathartic. I changed it up a bit from my original sketches, because I wanted to add a kind of geometric / gemstone quality to it. I decided I am going to try to use some amethyst like color to it - which will be my next step as soon as I am able. 



My idea sketches with my mood / inspirational word sticky notes on them. I sketched this out and then used some markers to quickly color in and kind of get a color scheme going, but after seeing it done, not sure I'll use those colors or not.


This is a better view of what the top one looks like:


And this is on the adjacent page:


I think I prefer the first one better, but not sure if that is really what I want yet or not. I will also most likely change colors, or at least some of them.


  • mood: new horizons, future, ambition, focus
  • music: A gamer friend of mine suggested this playlist (Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion soundtrack), and after listening to some of it I thought it would be interesting to see what it inspires me to paint.
  • artists reference: Modern Art Expressioninst Paul Klee  was a friend and influence of Kadinsky. I learned of this artist when researching Kadinsky.

Paul Klee's works I like and want to use as reference:

  • Still Life with Fragments:


  • The Way to the Citadel:


  • Highway and Byways:


My favorite of these three is Highway and Byways. All of them make me feel peaceful. I like the way he uses the shapes and the colors together almost make them appear as if they have some soft texture to them. I doubt I will be able to do anything to this quality, but I plan on having fun trying. 


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