Moderately Achieved

Moderately Achieved - student project

Ayello, classmates! I'm Eiri Brown, better known as Utotivyaa or Utotivyarts on the internet!

When I found Skill Share through a couple of networks and discovered Sarah Anderson's class, I was stoked! In the last while, I've been wishing that one day I would be able to immerse myself and learn new things instrumental to me becoming a freelance illustrator and cartoonist. And today, I was able to make that dream come true, and I am excited to show you what skills this class has given me. : )


Moderately Achieved - image 1 - student project

For other comics and illustrations I've made, I have been already able to generate a character that represents me. I've never really specified to myself exactly every decision of design that resulted in creating Cartoon Eiri, and so to make this reference for me definitely helped me.

  • What makes my cartoon head strike out to my audience?
  • What ideas or personality does an audience gain from this cartoon portrayal of me?
  • What makes this cartoon me a cartoon ME?

These are questions I had to ask myself as I covered this task.

Model Sheet

Moderately Achieved - image 2 - student project

This part of the assignment I found VERY fun, as I got to stretch out more ways of portraying my character. I took experience from homework a therapist gave me (to draw different emotions of mine) as well as other illustrations I have made. Also, looking at the views that I have made of my complete character model, I feel very enlightened to be able to see how I can differentiate this character's actions from what I have given them. 

Final Comic

Moderately Achieved - image 3 - student project

I feel proud of this, as I have used skills such as the 'grid' setting and the ideas of character design from the lessons to conclude to my stream of ideas. I will very likely share this to my Tapastic series so then I can show a growth of sorts in how I go about making comics.

Sarah, I thank you very much for making this course! It has taught me some things and motivates me and inspires me to educate myself more on the methodology of comic illustration!  

Freelance Illustrator