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I started this project because I thought this was an area that was in dire need of fixing. One of the major problems is that funding for education is decreasing which means to me that public schools need to take advantage of new technologies in order to help students learn critical information.  Young students use social media and video sharing sites like Facebook and YouTube on a daily basis, which shows there is a huge opportunity to leverage these technologies as teaching tools instead rather than entertainment. I figured that a mega software suite probably isn’t the solution to such a huge problem, but rather software used as a supplemental tool for teachers and parents to help unlock the potential of the student.


There are 4 tenets of my modern education philosophy:


  1. Learning should be interactive. Materials should engage students in a way that it allows them to be curious and discovery more about the topic.
  2. Learning should be collaborative. Students learn a great deal from each other whether they are aware of it or not. As the world grows increasingly diverse each student can give unique perspectives and add a more enriching experience for each student.
  3. Since there are different types of learners, materials should be presented in different forms. Students should be able to experience the material in different ways whether it be listening, watching or reading.
  4. Mastery should be based on skills acquired rather than test scores. Students have become cram artists and know how to prepare for tests, but demonstrate that they lack the ability to apply knowledge if not presented in test format.


I decided to focus on Homework as a starting point because I believe time spent outside the class is as important as time spent outside the class. Also I figured its is an activity that parents can be actively involved with because they are really an important part of educational system.  So this all sounds good but how will it actually work? Well teachers would be able to create material on the website which would support the lesson that was presented the class for students to review. Videos from YouTube, articles from websites or journals and other useful files can be posted in the materials area to help students get a deeper understanding of the material. Then for the actual ‘homework’ each night teachers post ‘challenges’ maybe three or more common challenges where students can collaborate to get it done and maybe two to three unique challenges for students to complete on their own (but parents can help if necessary).  



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