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i created a series of sketches of the people I would watch in the streets near W. 29th Street in NYC. I do quick 15 second sketches then come back later to fill in the details, including color. I've often thought about animating them, and here I am going to see how they come out.

Update 7/23 - I have the video of my first attempt at animating my rigged character. I didn't know where to upload it here on Skillshare, so I'm just posting the link directly from my Youtube upload (my file was too large for Vimeo-- another area I need to finesse...exporting)

A few notes - I like that i can move my characters now, but I see that I have a ways to go before I've got it right for timing and weight and a few more things that will make her seem more lifelike, including drawing more parts of of her character to illustrate squash/stretch, change up the perspective .  I had taken animation courses before, so my eye can see the imperfections all over the place on this, though there are a few small milliseconds/frames that make me happy. Aftereffects has always been a bit of a cumbersome beast for me, but Daniel Savage's breakdown put much of what needs to be done into context, and I feel that if I just practice this a little more, I'll get faster and better at it. This walk cycle sucks, but for today,  I'm just happy to have made it move a little. 


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