Mode Marteau

Mode Marteau - student project

Mode Marteau is a designer vintage shop that launched 6 months ago. We specialize in contemporary designer fashion as well as rare vintage pieces and quirky global finds.

Mode Marteau evolved out of an Ebay store that I had for nearly 6 years. Having an independent web boutique has been amazing in that I've been able to control the look and branding entirely. But there is no innate traffic drive, so publicity and user acquisition is one of our biggest priorities. We release one collection a week and announce it on Facebook.

Mode Marteau - image 1 - student project

Mode Marteau - image 2 - student projectMode Marteau - image 3 - student project

We have an active Facebook page with nearly 600 followers.  This accounts for our largest traffic source other than direct. We've dabbled in other social media but haven't really built a following. 

We’ve just begun a newsletter to announce sales, though we are still looking for the balance of how much content to pass along.

Mode Marteau - image 4 - student project