Github: https://github.com/abutler3/mockshare

Heroku: pure-woodland-9588.herokuapp.com

I am a person who looks looking at people's sketches. As a web designer, I love to look at people's mockup's of their website.

What is a mockup? A mockup is a drawing (drawing either by hand or by computer) of a website or app.  There is an entire Flickr group dedicated to mockups. I want to take that idea and build a site called Mockshare. People can upload, comment, and view mockups of mobile apps or webpages.

Final update:

Added masonry gem but didn't have time to add anthing else. But I did add the grids to show in Firefox.

Learned a lot, but still have a lot more to learn.


CSS3 of the grid as a background

Getting paperclip images to save in S3

Update 3:

Here are some pictures:

Here is what I had so far.

One of the big changes from what we do in class is that I am saving my images outside of the Rails app and I am using Amazon S3 to save it once I upload it through Paperclip. It took me an entire day to get it working on my local machine and on Heroku. But it got there. Let me know if you need the links I used.

Update 1 and 2:

Sorry, missed the last part about posting links. Sorry about that. I will do that at the end of this update.

So I followed the last two tutorials. Instead of pin, I call mine cards (like drawing things on cards and taking pictures of it to save it. That is what I do with mockups). Because of that change, I was a little sloppy and messed up a migration and spent 30 minutes trying to fix my mistake. But I did, thanks to Stack Overflow.

I also did some stylings to make my site look less like Bootstrap (including doing a background that looks like graph paper that I found (right now, it only works for webkit browsers. On Firefox, it is just a blue background). Let me know if you want some of the links I used.

Github: https://github.com/abutler3/mockshare

Heroku: pure-woodland-9588.herokuapp.com

Learning a lot.


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