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Mockingjay - Drop Cap Book Cover

For this project, I chose to design a "C" drop cap for my all time favorite book, Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. I absolutely adore the whole Hunger Games series, but since there is a lot of attention focused on Mockingjay with the new movie and its popularity at the moment, I chose to design a drop cap for the last book of the trilogy. After reading this novel three times, I believe I have a very good understanding and knowledge of the book. 

To start, as suggested by Jessica, but also a process I go through regularly when creating, I made a long word list of terms, names, and thoughts I've had that relate to Mockingjay. Below, you can find my word list(s).

After making this word list, I took about a day to collect my thoughts, and let all of the words sink into my brain. As you can see, I started to sketch some rough ideas of the "C" after the words I came up with. The "C" with the circles around it represent "radar lines." I thought the curve of the "C" would be interesting in the circles because they have the same curves, making it easy for the letter to form along into the design. Since District 13 is the main District that takes place in Mockingjay, and is military based, I thought of this idea of radar lines, since they are underground and pretty secretive with their technology. The sketch along side of that is a blocky/bold looking "C." District 13 is military or aka "nuclear graphite." It's very utilitarian. If you are not familiar with District 13, its civilization wears all grey and is very uniform. They are essentially very bland. Nothing like their enemy... the bright and colorful Capitol. Mockingjay is a book about rebellion, which makes it about war. It has a very different feel from the first two books of the trilogy, The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, which are more Capitol based with their "Hunger Games" fashion. Mockingjay gets into the nitty gritty of war, despair, darkness.

Below are some other rough sketches of other concepts I had...

After thinking about further and potential design, I decided to go with the military based looking "C," with of course, a bow and arrow, Katniss' weapon of choice. The bow and arrow are so symbolic to the whole series alone. As I mentioned before, this book is mainly about war. The other concepts I came up with are basically just "parts" in the book (ie. The Hanging Tree, the symbolic white rose, and of course the mockingjay, which to me, is too obvious in my opinion). I believe the war based design graphically over all sums up Mockingjay

After starting to develop a design, I ended up with what I have posted below...

I wanted to keep the design as simple as possible, which District 13 is all about (very uniform and stoic, little to nothing), along with a military-like feel...something bold and "in charge". As a graphic element I illustrated a stylized bow and arrow. The stars represent Katniss' military sqad which was named "Squad 451" or also know as "The Star Squad."

I would love to be critiqued and/or given feeback! I love to go through the process of showing my work, and seeing how I can improve on any detail or even concept, in which something I sometimes struggle with. Thanks so much for taking a look at my project, and I'm looking forward to further discussion with my fellow Skillsharers!



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