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Mocking Jay drop cap C

Update 3:

Now thinking of doing the M for Mockingjay and actually embracing the simplicity of the mockingjay imagery instead of overthinking (which I'm prone to do...)

The mockingjay is a bird, but it's also a symbol for revolution and the nickname that Katniss is given as the face of a revolution. Using warbird imagery, the down strokes of the Ms could be stylized military wings.

Update 2:

Udate 1:

Notes on Mockingjay Imagery


  • Rubble of former life
  • Covering human bones
  • Metaphorical, after the inferno sparked in the previous book
  • Graphite
  • glamour and heroism are an illusion -- a smoke screen covering the horror of war
  • "If we burn, you burn with us."
  • Remnants of previous life -- twisted metal from the ashes
  • Ashes fill mouth -- can't scream


  • Purple temporary tattoos that tell all citizens of 13 what their day will entail
  • nightlock suicide pills
  • "Always" gauzy, violet-tinted word


  • Callback to Book 1: Effie says a pearl is a piece of coal pressed very hard
  • The pearl is a token of the 2nd games, a gift from Peeta
  • She carries it, guards it


  • White perfect roses that are genetically altered and left behind by Snow
  • Primroses that Peeta plants in memory of Prim
  • The rose over Snow's heart at execution
  • rose show with an arrow -- petals falling around
  • rows of beautiful roses -- selects white bud, hankerchief spotted with blood
  • blue flames envelope the rose in fireplace


  • Reinforcements over her heart in Cinna's armor
  • tiny fissures spreading out from heart, ready to burst apart into razor sharp pieces
  • The rose over Snow's heart at the execution

Hanging Tree

  • strung up with your love
  • midnight
  • necklace of rope


  • soldier
  • spartan
  • austere
  • underground
  • book of plants
  • book of the dead
  • Katniss' nasty scar
  • Communicuffs
  • Compartments
  • Ankle trackers
  • silver parachutes
  • spile
  • fine mesh
  • target for the capitol
  • woven helmet pulls back like hood
  • TV screen -- airtime assault, pinpoint in black
  • pods / traps
  • hologram
  • creature as unquenchable as the sun
  • small white bird tinged in pink dives down, buries her claws in my chest to keep me afloat


  • Dandelion
  • Meadow turns green again, rebirth
  • gripping hands
  • rebirth
  • grow back together
  • orange like the sunset


  • thin rope
  • thin robe
  • dazed and gorgeous
  • bronze
  • Annie's seafoam eyes and wild curls
  • tightly wound with Annie


  • carany in coal mine
  • humming bird
  • moth's wings
  • snares for traps


I want to echew the obvious bird imagery and capture the themes of the book.  The various heart imagery seems most interesting too me right now. May do drop caps for individual character arcs as well.


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