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Mocha and Monstera Collection

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As a landscape architect and graphic designer, I love drawing and populating scenes, abstract or more realistic. This collection on society6 is my way of testing different variations of figural and overall patterns. I prefer to start designing in black and white, which gives me the option to introduce variations with color - likely a green / teal and a mustard / tangerine palette at a later date. 


The set I've uploaded includes 4-5 basic variants: 1) a figural cluster, 2) a simple section, 3) two patterns (brick, column with half offsets; brick, row with half offsets), and 4) a rotated section. I'm surprised how well #2 works, largely because of how it frames the edges of so many society6 objects. I'm still playing with patterning techniques/spacing and will likely add additional variants, as the brick offset pattern is a bit dense and intense for my tastes; I imagine there's a perfect paisley print to be found.







I've not started to publicize. But I'll do a number of instagram posts, once I make a few more pattern decisions.



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