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Mocha Soul

Name: Antwoine Washington

City, State: Pontiac, MIchigan

Brand Name: Mocha Soul

What is Mocha Soul?

Mocha Soul is a creative social movement of expression. (Nothing to do with skin color)

The word M.O.C.H.A is our acronym for Museum Of Creative Human Art. The word Mocha meaning a social blend and the word Soul meaning the intellect behind every expression. 

Types of Expressions: ART, Politics, Words, Dreams, Beliefs, Clothes, Poetry, Short Stories, Videos, Love, Etc.

Our Brand Slogan

"Live Your Dreams" We chose this slogan because deep down every person essentially want to either start something or create something to share with the universe. However, money, confidence, lack of support, or many other factors play a part in the process of doing what you love. Therefore, we decided to tell people why wait go for it and "Live Your Dreams" we all have to start from somewhere right?

The Icon Logo/ Word Marks

Logo "Insitu"


The Skunk Head on a Billboard

Skunk Head Buttons


Why the Skunk?

We chose the Skunk because of the name of our brand. People associate names a lot of times with what a company represents or the demographic of a company. However, we thought the skunk would be perfect for the movement, because of the irony of hesitation that people get when they see a skunk. We knew different walks of life would look at the name and think this brand is for a certain group of people and become hesitant about supporting. Think about it for a second, what is the first thing you do when you see a skunk? My point exactly. The skunk will touch on all issues and will be the one mainly communicating with our audience in a creative way. The Skunk represents the lost and the forgotten. The one who felt they didn’t have anything to offer besides what folks thought they knew.  There’s so much to what meets the eye and they’re the overcomers in the end. Essentially the skunk represent YOU. 

Why this?

To re educate the mis educated while reminding people that you must express your dreams, your words, your thoughts, and your love. While Gazing through a hole to uncover the beauty of a picture, to play the trumpet of life experiences, to glide across beliefs, skip rocks of messages through the river and to have a picnic with aspiration. I’m sure we have a lot in common. Welcome to Mocha Soul…"LIVE YOUR DREAMS."


I want my brand to be sold on select online stores and in boutiques like Reed Space, Burn Rubber Detroit, Colette (Paris), and other select boutiques across the world. I also want my own flagship store front to display theme and concept of my brand.

The Collection 

I think packaging is so cool and a very effective tool to use in branding! I love when I can get product in a branded package. It just makes the item much more valuble to me and I assume the samething for my customers experience.  So i decided to add this detail to my collection and theme and make the shirt boxes look like frames and the shirts will act as the paintings inside the frame themed box. Treating each garment as a work of art "very precious".

The theme behind my collection is Skunks, Renaissance, & Reformation. I chose three elements to my theme because I wanted to include all the important ingredients of this collection. My target market is the young, creative, and professional. Throughout this collection it will be a good balance of items for each one of those persons.

Let's start with the first element of the collection, SKUNKS this part of my collection shows our skunk mascot in different forms and creative ways that he can be used. I wanted to show the versitility of our logo and how we can push the envelope a bit with how the skunk can be incorperated within the messages we tend to convey. The classic logo was picked to go on Renaissance period colors. So here is a brief history lesson on the colors for the skunk head tees. During the Renaissance period the colors in the turquoise family were for sure a symbol of jealousy. We chose the jelousy color to play off of the word "jealousy" and to make the color reference to the Renaissance period.  The orange reds were a symbol of the peasants and middle ranked persons imitating the upper class reds by dyeing their Renaissance clothes with cheaper orange-red and russet dyes. Oranges became known as the fruit of the gods, of emperors and kings and the hierarchy of the church—exclusively for aristocrats and the wealthy, ultimately gaining symbolic importance in Renaissance paintings. I chose the jelousy color and the peasant color to tell the story of the forgotten people on the bottom who aspire and often times envy the privileges of the elite.

Suggested Retail $25.00


The second element of the collection is Renaissance which means "Rebirth" this also works as a double entendre, because it is also referring to the rebirth of our brand. The Renaissance period was a cultural movement it was best known for its artistic developments and the contributions of such Artist as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, who inspired the term "Renaissance man". This period was one of the most inspiring to me coming up as an artist. However this piece of the collection shows the skunk painting on one of the most memorable pieces of art in the Sistine Chapel. The renown "Creation of Adam" was painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, Rome by Renaissance artist Michelangelo. It took him 4years to paint the entire ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (1508-1512). I thought it would be cool to show the skunk visiting the Sistine Chapel and sneaking in to paint on the ceiling of the chapel. It took Michelangelo 4years to paint the whole ceiling, but it only took the skunk a second to paint on the ceiling and have a friend snap a pic before he was violently throughout of Rome for vandalizing the Sistine Chapel. This particular shirt only will be available in two colors Renaissance Heather Black a high fashion color in the mid-1500s and White was symbolic of the humanities. This will be a limited collectible piece in this collection. Suggested Retail $30.00


The last element is Reformation which means "Action to improve social or economic conditions without radical or revolutionary change", or "change for the better; an improvement. Which brings me to another important piece in my collection the story of Martin Luther. Born in Eisleben, Germany, in 1483, Martin Luther went on to become one of Western history's most significant figures. in 1517 Luther penned a document attacking the Catholic Church's corrupt practice of selling "indulgences" to absolve sin. His "95 Theses," which propounded two central beliefs—that the Bible is the central religious authority and that humans may reach salvation only by their faith and not by their deeds—was to spark the Protestant Reformation. I chose him because he stood for what he believed in and lead a movement that corrected evils, abuse, and errors in society. This plays right into what we are about as a brand bringing forth social change through re educating the mis educated. To invoke thoughts and expressions through words and art. The Creme color we chose symbolized compassion in the medival times and the Grey color we chose symbolizes modest and religious dress. Suggested Retail $30.00

I Timothy VI:X this design was inspired by the bible scripture 1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Don't put your money where your heart is.  The colors were also Renaissance inspired Black symbolizing seriousness and a high fashion in the mid-1500s. White symbolize purity. Suggested Retail $25.00


When creating this shirt I thought who doesn't need to pray in this world. Pray for your family, Pray for this evil world, and Pray for what you want. The pray daily also goes hand and hand with what the Reformers did during the Reformation period and was one of their mightiest weapons against evil. We chose to use the Renaissance black and white.

Skunks. Snapback Renaissance Black and White symbolizing high fashion and purity this hat will be also made of nylon material with embroidered design and details- Suggested Retail $32.00


Skunks, Renaissance, & Reformers Tri-pack of basic tees with embroidered Skunk Head detail on the bottom left of the shirt. These will come in our collection theme Renaissance color ways to continue the message throughout the collection. These shirt will come all packaged together 3 shirts for the price of one. Suggested Retail $30

Inspiration for my basic Tees pulled from Ralph Laurens basic polo T shirts. 

(Ralph Lauren T Shirt)


SKUNK Renaissance pullover hoodies. The design colors were inspired by the Renaissance Art period. Inside of hood line with Renaissance inspired fabric marked with our classic skunk statement on the front with two toned skunk tail on the back available in Renaissance black and light blue. Suggested Retail $60.00

The Reformers 5 panel camp hat. This was inspired by the Renaissance Art Period with the different tones they used in the painting that were done during that period. The gold bill symbolizes frame of the paintings, the light blue symbolize the blue tones used in the fresco paintings, and the khaki canvas material symbolizes the canvas of the painting. Suggested Retail $32.00


The Mocha Soul words of wisdom tee is another statement shirt to represent my brands simple and sleek side. I wanted to give the collection a well rounded balanced look and this piece is very simple but effective. I chose to stay with the theme colors of the collection using Renaissance Black and White.  Suggested Retail $25.00

The Renaissance cardigan was inspired by the artist during the time of the Renaissance period. Artist like Michelangelo and Leonardo both were students of art while mastering the craft of fresco styled painting. I think that the cardigan definitley is a staple for the student. So I chose to use the cardigan to represent that as part of my theme to focus on the student of life. So I wanted to add a prep piece to the collection. Suggested Retail $100.00


The Renaissance short sleeve hoodie with the "Period" fabric in the hood and "Mocha Soul" on front in bold lettering. We chose Renaissance Grey which symbolizes a few different things 

  • Modest and religious dress.
  • The color of poverty. 
  • Female slaves in 1400s Florence were constrained to wear course woolens and no bright colors. 
  • In England, servants or members of a City company were to wear bright blue or gray. Grays for the lower classes.

Short Sleeve hoodie Inspired by Kanye West collaboration with A.P.C.


The cut & sew button ups were inspired by the paintings of the Harlem Renaissance and Renaissance Art Period in Europe. 

Suggested Retail $39.95         


Button down inspired by these two paintings Mona Lisa by Leonardo De Vinci Renaissance Period artist/ Emperor Jones by Aaron Douglas Harlem Renaissance artist.



The Renaissance button up was inspired by these paintings by artist William Johnson. Titled "Nat Turner" by William Johnson Harlem Renaissance artist.

Chain Gang by William Johnson Harlem Renaissance.

My Branded KIA SOUL


The Art of Giving Project

The Art of Giving Project is a non-profit organization built around our brand to give back to the communities who support our brand. The purpose of the organization is to provide the necessary goods, services, and resources that will assist disadvantaged individuals in overcoming undue hardships. Growing up in Pontiac, MI a suburb of Detroit, MI. It has always been a dream of mine to give back to where I grew up. I told myself I will not wait to do it when I am rich and famous but now is the time my community needs me NOW!


The line for the free back to school supplies I love giving back to the community.

The women in the community setting up the table of School uniforms we were giving away for our annual back to school event.

Local Barbers donating their time to give the neigborhood kids free haircuts for the first day of school.



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