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Mobile Trainers

If my company did not exist, why would the world not be as good a place?

There are two reasons -

1. There would be fewer options for in-person, professional fitness guidance available to individuals who do not want to exercise outside of the home.

2. There would be virtually no option for quality personal trainers to have the opportunity to train clients in their homes until said trainer had built a 12-15 year following through word of mouth.  

Simply put, in my experience, personal trainers are very poor marketers on their own and unable to gain enough clients to keep themselves in business independently, and are therefore shuffled back into working for chain gyms where they're unhappy.  My company provides the marketing for them to gain clients as independent trainers under our umbrella.

Asking Questions:

Why do we continue to get the surprised reaction, and feedback that our idea of in-home training is so "novel" when it's been around for ages?

Why do so few people know there is a personal, fitness training alternative to hiring a trainer at a gym/studio or meeting a trainer at their own gym?

Why do so many personal trainers attempt to work independently, and fail?

Why can't the mass of personal trainers offering in-home fitness training connect with the huge market of clients desiring their services?

Why are there so many clients who desire in-home fitness training?

Why don't they want to go to a gym?  Why don't they have the motivation, knowledge or desire to work out at home on their own?


In-Home Fitness Training


We're transforming women into confident, healthy and happy individuals by sending fitness trainers into their homes...  women who previously did not have the option to pursue this lifestyle due to numerous barriers.  

These women become part of our family, and their assigned trainer supports them 24/7 via in-person training sessions, off-site phone/text/email availability, daily motivational text messages, and constant sharing in the online community support group.  

Our trainers help transform these women's lives by being a consistent, positive, healthy presence at all times.


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