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Jason Rain

Production Artist, Vistaprint



Mobile Photography (day-day-life)

#1 In the middle of life

Juggling between job, life, work, relation time seems to be bit of constraint for me right now.

So I had to be very cautious about the moment I am in. This was one of the moments.

Sleepy and struggling to pull myself together getting ready to go to work wearing my shoe and see Tarun(selfie guy) clicking selfie in the dark room while the morning light seeps through the window. So this seems a bit of good frame. With my one shoe on ground and other hanging on my foot I grabbed my phone and asked him to be still for few moments. Later it turns out I took this pic of him and he took his selfies with me in background acting like pervert. LOL it was quick moment photography. Thanks for the opportunity.

#2 Facade Reality

Most of us like to live in the world of childish life, some shows that some dont. This pic happened when Tarun stole this Batman from our receptionist, who eventually came looking for her Super Hero!! like crazy. So some of us were like playing with it. It has bat wings with wheels, so we were like Vroom Vroom!!!! It struck me then How a piece of mouled plastic in a fraction of moment turns your whole mindset.

#3 Souls of Variety

Every soul is different and this seemed to be the best way to depict the concept. I was working  and just for a moment I turned to Ankur(Guys with Monster Helmet). I remembered of the project I had to submit so it occured to me that this Geometrical Background and the Cubes are quite appealing. So with my flash speed grabbed my phone and started clicking few variations and fortunately I could get the frame where guy in the background is showing all together a different feeling and expressions.

Thanks for the opportunity,
Ravi Waldiya a.k.a Jason Rain


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