Mobile Multiplayer Action Game

Mobile Multiplayer Action Game

Updated Mar, 12th 2013

The game, Bounty Bots, is a frantic multiplayer action game launched last year.

Bounty Bots, where the classic wild west meets futuristic robotics, is filled with a smidge of zany and a plethora of booty.

The task: collect the booty.

The challenge: avoid all the gun slingers armed and ready to swipe up your coins.



KEYWORDS TO SEARCH FOR: Shooter, first person, coin collecting, robots, western, futuristic, collectables, gun, guns, shoot, Cowboys, historic, action, multiplayer, mmo, bounties, fantasy violence, violence, cartoon, Wild west, weapons, fun, fight, battle, robot, arch, archetype, badges, bank, coin, fps, treasure, West, wild, cowboy, outlaw, outlaws, sheriff, pistol, country, showdown, bandits, gunfighter



First Person

Shooter      | Action

Weapons  | Fight    Battle



APPS SIMILAR TO MINE: racing games, runner games, shooter games, mmo's, combat games, war games


Category 1: Action

  • Clash of Clans
  • Real Racing 3
  • Temple Run: Oz
  • Subway Surfers
  • Bike Race Free by Top Free Games

Category 2: Adventure

  • The Simpspons
  • Minecraft-Pocket Edition
  • Temple Run: Oz
  • Tap Paradise Cove
  • The Sims FreePlay

HIGHLY DISCOVERABLE NAMES: Bounty Bots by MunkyFun, Bounty Bots Action Game by MunkyFun




3 Epic Wild West Locations to Duel with your friends ***Easy single player training mode***

From the studio that brought you the iOS first-person shooter hit, "Archetype"


It's the Wild Wild West, and your gun is the only thing you can trust. Bounty Bots is a frantic multiplayer action game filled witha  smidge of zany and a plethora of booty. Customize your bot and choose from outrageous weaponry to get rich in the craziest shooter available on mobile.


Bounty Bots is more than just being the quickest draw in the west, and with multiple ways to win, you have the opportunity to design how the west is won. Work with other players to advance through the game or challenge your friends to a private game.


  • Smooth online multiplayer
  • Simple controls quickly get you in the action
  • An action game world unlike any you've ever seen
  • Dozens of strange weapons and powers
  • Multiple paths to victory
  • Full Resolution Retina Support
  • Explosive Cacti
  • Earn a badge everyday on the first round that you finish
  • Earn 3 badges everytime you level up
  • Free to play

Game runs on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4s, iPad1, iPad2, iPod Touch 3rd generation or newer running iOS 4.3 or later.

Needs an active 3G or Wifi connection to play.


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Top keywords:

  • shooter
  • action
  • west
  • robot
  • gun


App cover shot: The action shot should include playing with other players, bounty and guns. Meanwhile, it should be simple enough to capture in a glance and feature a more "abstract" gun. By adding banners to the page, we could easily sum up the idea of shooting to collect bounty.




  • Pic Stitch: simple, bright colors and easily shows what the app is for
  • Instagram: Unique and plays with the artfulness of photography
  • Sosh: easily recognizableand stands out, while enahncing brand identiy
  • Eat St: Shows in a snap what the app is for (food trucks)
  • The Onion: clean and gets the point across.
  • New Yorker Cartoons: simple and easily recognizable


What's common in the apps in my categories


  • Glossy, cartoony, 3D
  • A lot depends on the type of action game


  • Characters' faces mostly


  • Mostly varied and vibrant
  • A lot of golds and blues


  • Seldom
  • Often white and all counts


How to differenciate my icon


  • Make it cleaner
  • Less background image/clutter
  • Possibly illiminate the background so it's just the character


  • Use one of the guns
  • Create a non-character symbol that summerizes the west, while still encapsing what the game is about: exploding cacti
  • If using the character, make it highly distinctive and simple


  • Simplify: the less colors the better
  • Most the apps are pretty vibrant, and so simplifying the colors and making a high-contrast between main image and background might be ideal


  • If we decided on text, I would recommend on maybe doing initails. But our name, as it stands, is too large and would be more distracting in the icon.


                          | Shooter     | West | Robot | Gun | Action

Bounty Bots     |  187           |           |             |         | 192

Temple Run     |  unranked  |           |             |         | unranked

Clash of Clans | unranked  |           |             |         | unranked

Modern War     |   51            |           |             |         | 17



Which company goals does my app represent best?  Apple or Amazon

Which of these things can you improve in a reasonable amount of time to make your app more appealing?   Popularity

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