Mobile Creative Department for Cause-Driven Organizations

Mobile Creative Department for Cause-Driven Organizations - student project

Mobile Creative Department for Cause-Driven Organizations - image 1 - student project

What's the X for Y?

A mobile creative department for nonprofits

Problem this idea solves:

Many nonprofits and cause-driven organizations are extremely limited when it comes to fulfilling their creative needs. Finances and staffing limitations often hold them back from connecting with professional photographers, videographers and designers who are best poised to assist them in telling their story or amplifying their message. Often times this leads to a smattering of relationships with freelancers and/or agencies and ultimately a lack of cohesion or clarity of message across marketing materials.


My mobile team of storytellers (photographers, videographers, and designers) will join your staff, learn your mission and help fulfill your creative needs from the inside and for an affordable rate.

Biggest holes/problems:

  1. It isn't clear what makes us different from other creative consulting firms or agencies.
  2. How will we make $?

Solutions to biggest holes:

It isn't clear what makes us different from other creative consulting firms or agencies.

  • We are a cross section between hiring a freelancer and a creative firm or agency.  
  • We are small and mobile enough to integrate ourselves into your staff on a project basis in order to get a better understanding of your organization's goals for the project.
  • We are some of the best storytellers and understand the importance of keeping the story at the forefront of all of our creative choices.
  • Our ability to integrate oursleves into your staff and culture, allows for cohesion, clarity and consistency.

How will we make $? - STILL RESEARCHING THIS

  • I'd like to follow a model similar to photo agencies owned by the photographer members, such as Magnum and VII.  There will be a percentage that each member of my team keeps from a project and a percentage that goes towards the business overhead.  
  • My goal in attracting organizations with staff and budget limitations is to keep our services affordable.  The pricing/rates is something that I will likely develop through trial and error.


  • Get 1-2 nonprofit clients on board for projects in the first quarter of 2013 as a test.


  • Proposals: Develop proposal for a few local nonprofits. 
  • Marketing:  Get a simple web presence going, possibly an "" page.  Word of mouth marketing through networking
  • Start small: Only focus on photography and video related projects.

Success Metrics:

  • Was the client satisfied with the experience and the final product?
  • Is this a sustainable business?
  • Were my team members happy with the experience and final product?