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Mobile App UI as a service

We are attempting to build the leading Mobile App UI As A Service Company, targeting Mobile App Platforms as customers (B2B2C)

The mobile growth story is fueling the launch of scores of mobile app platforms offering customers easier ways to go from idea to appstore, all the way from prototyping tools such as balsamiq, to enterprise products such as IBM's worklight.

The competition and innovation within this ecosystem is intense, with each platform providing a unique set of features. However, the underlying theme with most is this - they are all in the early stages of providing a mobile-centric solution, and all of them are looking for ways to attract and engage their user base.

We are a mobile-only company and believe we can help them engage their users better by providing high quality app design solutions:

We have built:

  1. an extensive library of production-ready custom mobile UI elements - by drawing inspiration from best-in-class design from the leading mobile apps. We will be launching a pinterest style website to showcase many of the design widgets in our library.
  2. an easy to use companion design app (yes! an app to design an app!), called MOCK - APP UI DESIGNER (available at MOCK showcases our design library and can be used to MOCKUP app designs in minutes. The website is
  3. an off-shore design team and robust process that can custom deliver quality mobile app UI more efficiently and effectively than in-house design team - besides, thats all we are focused on
  4. an API-friendly web architecture for the design assets in our library, such that they can be integrated into existing drag and drop prototyping tools our partner may already have (we can complement their WEB tools with our iPhone app)

Our goal is to package the above as a licensed service to mobile app development platforms, so that they can improve their product and engage their customers by providing a unique UI building experience.

Here are some sample screens we designed (all using our widgets and all in under 5 minutes using our app)...


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